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Summer in Eerie Cove..
Mrs Kendringham was a tubby stout particular kind of woman and I can see the guest house I am to stay is perfect and particular also, hanging baskets a flower garden, the rooms have lavender pillow sachets, the bathroom is quaint and intimate with a washer dresser in the bedroom for mornings, it was as if time stood still, the menu was simple poultry and sea food that were as delicious as the allotment salad bowl, it really is quite a treat, she kept strict hours you had to be in by 9 pm or be locked out, I don't really do night life since I split from my husband. I take solace in the daylight hours where the sun shines most, the guest house was 18th century, the walks were plenty and life is simple, I would walk by the sea peer amid the rocks late in the afternoon before returning back to the guest house for my evening meal. I am not sure why but I longed intently to be at the Cove, as if the usual reasons are not enough, concerning the beauty of coves and why one would want to visit such incredible beauty, so after checking in I take the old slip road down to the beach. I walk again amid the rock pools darting between rocks trying not to fall into the water, there is no wind and the sky is bright and Azure Blue, I look around me the sea water is flat as a millpond, I know no one else is with me, there is a calm and tranquil air and I move off a rock and step further into the water, which is lapping around my thighs; Suddenly I hear a whisper, yet I am still alone, I catch the shape of the sound but I cannot make out the words, proceeding to walk forward into the water, in that moment, I hear again the sound being much clearer this time, ''Free me'' it sounds much like a female voice echoing as a whisper and I find my mind is a blaze my attention is keener than it has ever been, I sense I am not alone, like I can see someone in the corner of my eye. When I look around me but I see no one, I can feel my breath quicken the pace I can't think of a worse time to experience the eerie nature of the cove than in my present moment where I am up to my waist in water now, I hear a strange sound like a huge, echoing, buzzing, electromagnet, followed by a sudden crash and then a bang..! Though I were considering getting out of the water I poised there a while and felt nothing, and as the while passes and I relax I am grateful for the warm weather that remains. Then I swim and paddle wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me, am I in need of more sleep I ask myself, then making my way to my to the shore, there I lay. The sun is strong enough to tan me and after a long while I'm dozy, it feels wonderful to slip into deeper relaxation. Suddenly I awake with a start to a vision blond woman who appears to be looking over me, she has me by the shoulders and she is rocking me from side to side, she leans in and in a low whisper she says..'I am trapped here, you need to help me get home', I focused on her long thick hair and her green dress, OK..! I say half asleep, she leaves with me a golden pocket/dropper bottle, there is something in it, fading away, I am unable to see any sign of her, I look down at the pendant in my hands trying to figure out what all this means. As I gather my things one or two clouds obscure the sun for moment. On my way back to the guest house I notice it is lit well by the setting sun, on my return I am glad to find other guests are present. I always like the time I spend with Mrs Kendringham she is pleasant and interesting to talk to.. Would you like some tea she says in a cheerful tone, yes please I say..why don't you sit..she says cordially, choosing the sunny bench at the end of the garden I wait for Mrs Kendringham, who brings out a pot of tea and cakes, she pours the tea and I searched my backpack for my wallet containing the locket sure enough I retrieve it and pass it to Mrs Kendringham. ''Oh What's that.. she says in an enquiring tone as she puts down the pot and studies the necklace for a moment. ''Ah.. its quite historical'' she said.. original gold a design from the 18th century, associated with alchemy where did you find it? She said..? Oh I was down by the rock pools in the cove, I notice it was quiet, no one was with me, I am thigh deep in the water when I hear a sound, it turns out to be a female voice saying the words ''Free Me'', what was she wearing..said Mrs Kendringham..? I take a sip of my tea and I continue to say, the female was wearing a forest green velvet dress, her hair was blonde with a white head scarf. Mrs Kendringham sipped her tea, and after a moments contemplation she continued to say..In the 1800's a noble man and his female partner checked into a local tavern, the women was dressed as you described her, the storey goes..a man and woman went for a walk late one chilly evening..they didn't return to the tavern where they checked in.. It was as though they were out all night.. The woman and man were nowhere, there belongings remained in there room, their washer dresser untouched.. I reflect on the discussion Mrs Kendringham had made, the next day I set off to the library and I search through historical archives, hours passed without success and apathy begins to set in, a title then leaped out at me, that followed: A Mysterious Disappearance! one chilly autumn night! There was a picture of them in the article circa 1857 the article read.. a couple from Wokingham, Kent, visited The Cove and checked in at the local tavern the next morning, they could not be found. We are looking to anyone who might be connected with their disappearance, local fisherman reported seeing a pink purple light fill the cove accompanied by a strange electrical buzzing sound. I decide to return to the guest house and I find Mrs Kendringham serving supper, I put my bag down and search retrieving the notes I have made, intending to go over them, I offer Mrs Kendringham to join me for and I am pleased she does, I tell her about the paper article and the pink light, she raises an eyebrow and gives me an enquiring look when I tell her about the sound, I was wondering if it were .. if it might well... be the same as the sound emanating from my.. would be apparition, I have to say I am curious but I have know way of knowing. Talking to Mrs Kendringham was a bit like talking to your favourite aunt, she didn't judge and she would even contribute to the discussion, though she was quiet for a moment, she went on to say..I am not sure where you might obtain more information, yes the couple are recorded as Mr and Mrs Farringdon. Did the tavern they stayed at list his occupation and her relation to him..I asked..Yes said Mrs Kendringham he was an Engineer for a fleet of vessels around the country, according to the paper for that year, the couple didn't seem to have a lot of background, it was as though they checked in under an alias. Goodness me! What were they hiding? said Mrs Kendringham, we finished supper and sat having a drink, I could see how Mrs Kendringham was running a Guest house, she was entertaining and interesting, in the back of my mind though, was a clear vision of the woman I saw at the beach, I decide to retire early and draw a bath, the next day I head off into town taking breakfast with me, I follow the coast path to town, to purchase a local paper, checking the entertainments section in the back, I'm smiling to myself as a small town like this may not have so much nightlife considering its quaint appearance. There is a list of quiz nights, music events and Jazz evenings at the nearby town. A band playing in the park tailoring to the mature crowd, then I see a large printed simplistic advert with a black double border, the ad reads ''The Medium'' available for hire large halls and small parties, for Psychic Readings and Seances..I had never really tried mediums before but my interest peaked since the experience at the Cove, it was more bizarre than scary, I couldn't help but wonder if the war included some kind of physics research, my father was a naval officer he would come home and tell me of cryptic stories of magical machines built for vessels which he attended, though he never went into much detail, as a child I dismissed this as a bedtime tale. Down at The Cove the sun was shining the wind was calm not even a mild breeze and the air was warm. I dance over the rocks and as I stare into the rock pools. I figure my love of the sea must come from my father, as I think of him and smile a face appears in the reflection of a pool, its the woman with blonde hair. 'We are stranded please help us!' I hear a voice say.. A man appears in the image with her, I can't believe my eyes so I look up and from side to side and behind me but no one is there, I look back at the water.. All I see is deep blue sky, I search but I feel the air is dead its like they are gone, I move towards the sea and swim before drying off at the shoreline, I make my way up the cliff path and along the harbour road home to the guest house.. Tonight's main meal was Roast lamb and Rosemary. I pulled out the paper and saw the ad I 'd circled, when no other guests are wanting service Mrs Kendringham tends to join me for supper, again she obliges me, and she picks up my paper and smiles, I see you circled the page with 'The Medium' she asked..I have to say I am interested.. Funny I was thinking of hiring some entertainment to draw some more business to the guest house. I looked at her and saw a light in her eyes after a pause I suggest that perhaps the drawing room is the perfect place, that hour 7-9 pm on a Saturday may make the perfect time, you could even have a bizarre of books and paraphernalia, Mrs Kendringham nods and I am pretty sure this evening will go ahead.. Mrs Kendringham picks up the phone and contacts ''The Medium'' to hire..moments later it is arranged..she puts down the phone turns to me and says..your in.. I take it?? She asks.. I nodded and smiled, and said.. You bet!. The next day I went to Briggett a larger town 20 miles away, searching for books and items for the bazaar, I found a second hand bookshop and there was a section on the occult and Mediumship, the book stood out and was blank with shiny gold text titled ''The Medium'', I pick it up and begin to read.. the first couple of chapters explain about trance Mediumship how the dead can talk to the living, one thing that struck me throughout the book is the number of attempts to find lost people.. Then in that moment two books fly off the shelf one was about developing psychic and medium ship ability, the other book that flew off the shelf was a book on fringe sciences, I pick it up cautiously watching around me, wondering if anyone else is watching me, I laugh silently to myself at my paranoia, whilst picking up the book and placing it down on the table, not a second later the book opens on the relevant chapter almost as if someone is holding it in place, in my mind I am wondering what is going on, but something wants to me look at the page, I lean forward and look at it for some time with the suspicion I am being watched, I look around but I can see no one here in this quiet corner of the library, I also notice I share the same curiosity as the author, a fire has lit my mind burning with the question, are the couple missing because they boarded a vessel carrying technologies, with crew claiming they could travel through dimensions of time and space? Were these people more than just financially invested in this research, I pertinently ask myself..? Did they indeed give over their own souls when they boarded the vessel? I pause and sit back then to my right another book falls onto the floor..I pick up this grey coated book with silver text and the title 'Mediumship and Seance', I carry this over to the table and as before, the book falls open on a title ''Releasing Lost Souls, as I study the book I am concerned someone or something is prompting me through the books, there is a strong sense someone is there with me and in that moment of realisation the lights flicker, in my mind now I see the blonde woman dressed in green I feel kind of dizzy for a moment and my head is fluttering rather than spinning, this is such an odd sensation, none the less I am onto something here, and yes I am very game! I pick up the books and return home, supper was a rich feast of Ocean Crab, and Buttered Lobster it was simply delicious with white wine made from Glera grapes. I remarked to Mrs Kendringham abut the books flying off the shelf, she leaned in over the diner table and quietly tells me that while she was preparing dinner the back of her apron fell open, like someone pulled it open, then in that moment a candle, from the candelabra her side flickered and almost snuffed, but it was the only one out of three that did. I whisper loudly saying its almost as if she knows, we are having the Seance although I am pretty sure she wants us to have it, I look at Mrs Kendringham, I study her face briefly there is a fire in her eyes, and by the look of it I can tell she is so very game too.. The rest of the week passes rather quickly we are looking forward to the weekend, I offer to help Mrs Kendringham.. Oh please call me Anne! She says..The guests start arriving, the seating area is quaint and I took the trouble of obtaining incense for Anne to burn in the hallways, and all around the cottage. Including Anne and I we are a party of nine, were seated round a table in a large drawing room with an additional quaint library, lots of antique books, we start by holding hands.. The Cove guesthouse has a strange atmosphere, this to me is great place to have a Seance, I look at The Medium, her face changes and I could see long golden hair, I knew it was the girl, I kept seeing her all week, the Monitor turns to The Medium and asks her her name.. Rea.. came the reply in a clear voice.. we are stuck because we boarded a vessel containing a spectrometer and a strange device that could create doorways, we walked through one of them and now we are trapped, in time.. please..you must set us free! The Medium's face changed she took on the appearance of a man with dark hair, we should not have boarded the vessel now we can't get back ''The Medium'' then sees a vision of a boat strewn as a wreck upon a shore, ''The Medium'' could see they were lost. It was as though, part of the boat and the wooden framework were lost in one reality the spectrometer and the other equipment were under the sea in a another, the scanner positioned a Remote Viewing session on ''The Medium'' she then begins with the most profound realisation that the couple had in fact not left the Cove but that the vessel and its equipment were gone, one of the guests became over whelmed she was trying to pull away from my right hand, I knew she would be OK so I held her hand tighter, don't let go I said ..these people said they aren't here to hurt anyone they are here and they need some kind of help from us, ''The Monitor'' looked at me then blinked and nodded I felt like a pro.. and I certainly didn't want a broken circle midway through the Seance, then the ''The Monitor'' told us all to concentrate to surround these people with our love and visualise them in light. I want you to visualise a doorway of light.. Said The Monitor, I look around and we are all holding fast with an expression of both trance and concentration, I was pleased to finally begin to decode this little mystery, to know what happened to this 1800's couple, ''The Monitor'' speaks to the woman in spirit, through ''The Medium''. ''Is your husband with you?'' She says, Yes!! Rea says in a voice that finds its way through the Mediums own, but with a higher pitch and a more anxious tone than ''The Medium'' herself uses normally. Take him by the hand and tell him to come with you into the light, that he can trust it, said 'The Monitor'' I couldn't believe it when I saw the doorway materialise in the room, it was made of pure light, the couple materialised also and they hesitate only or a moment, when they pipe up and say.. ''This this like the time travel!'', ''We will be lost!! Forever!'', ''I am afraid ''said Rea, no said ''The Monitor'' this time you have got it right and you both will join your loved ones, be brave, take a chance Rea, it will not be worse than where you are.. I say. If you are brave enough to come to me with this problem, then you are brave enough to walk through the door, ''come on my love'' said Rea to her husband, they passed through the door way, I looked over at ''The Medium'', I was concerned for her she looked exhausted.. I see them and they have joined up with loved ones on the other side, we all sent our love and blessing and goodbye's and the connection was closed. The room returns to the candle lit colour, I reflect quietly to myself grateful for the display of respect the group had for what they are doing. ''The Monitor'' says in her final note, see that's how respectable Seance is done, one thing I can be shore of ..is that Anne Kendringham and ''The Medium'' have lit the fire in my mind and heart, how many more souls are there out there that can be helped this way...?

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